Timelapse from the Westin Seattle Presidential Suite

I had an opportunity to spend some time in the presidential suite at the Westin Seattle a couple weeks back. They’ve got a great view of the cityscape and I managed to get some pretty great timelapse videos of the skyline. Check it out!

Timelapse from the Westin Seattle presidential suite

If you liked that one you can find more of my timelapse videos and other exciting content on my Youtube channel.

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Staying Safe on the Web

I occasionally get asked by friends and family what to do about security on their phone and computer. I give them the usual advice install uBlock Origin, use a password manager like 1Password, and if I’m feeling talkative go into the benefits of enabling two-factor authentication on as many logins as possible. But there’s only so much advice you can give before you see their eyes start to glaze over, so I made a note in my head to write something about the topic.

Recently my laziness was rewarded, the NY Time’s Wirecutter put out a couple great posts about securing your digital life and what to do and not do on your computer and phone.

First off is their “Favorite Ad Blockers and Browser Extensions,” which hits all the you should install this this and this topics that I was talking about in the first paragraph. Secondly, are privacy tips and security audit recommendations for both the iOS and Android ecosystems. Finally this third article, “How a Burner Identity Protects,” gets into the more advanced topic of using burner numbers, emails, and virtual credit cards to secure yourself from company data breaches and people that shouldn’t have your contact information.

Read them over, take some advice, and don’t install Limewire on your computer!

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Saturday stroll through the Seattle Japanese Garden

Saturday stroll through the Seattle Japanese Garden Radio Free Erik

Ended up heading down to the Seattle Japanese Garden to catch some clouds and see some trees! Like most places its cards only, and they’re not selling fish food for the fishes right now, but the koi will still come right up to wherever you’re standing to try to get a handout. Only felt a little bad not tipping the fishes for their performance.

The lilypads are right on the verge of blooming, saw one bright pink flower opened up, with the rest a day or three away. Most of the trees are still pretty green though some of the Japanese maples are starting to darken and get ready to shed their leaves for the fall. Cripes its going to be October soon, time flies eh?

After the stroll through the garden we ended up at this cute burger place called Burbs Burgers over on Montlake. Its a food truck with a large astroturfed seating area with some covered benches and umbrellaed tables. Those umbrellas came in handy since we got there just as the rains began. Super tasty smash burgers and the frys were fried to perfection! They’ve got a housemade meatless patty if veganism is your jam. Its a super swell place and I can’t wait to go back and try out the rest of their menu!

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Mexico Trip Cabo – La Paz 2021

We ended up taking a mildly impromptu trip down to Mexico at the end of September. Originally the plan was to drive down the Baja peninsula to Cabo but that plan fell through and we ended up flying instead. The Cabo beaches weren’t nearly as fun as I’d imagined, but La Paz just blew me away. Anywho check out some travel photos after the jump!

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Birthday Trip to Cannon Beach 2021

Took a couple days to drive out to the Oregon coast for my birthday. Mostly just some driving up and down the coast enjoying the sights, as well as some walking up and down the beach. Always crazy how fast the weeks go by, Its already March!