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Sparklers. Lots Of Sparklers

Received this pic via email, all I could say was, “Woah…”

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy a bulk order of sparklers and outline stuff…

3 replies on “Sparklers. Lots Of Sparklers”

wow! how did u do this exactly? im doing a light and movement project at college and this is giving me inspiration! did u have a very long exposure and just go around the car with the sparklers? may i use you as my chosen artist>?

Howdy,I didn't take this picture. Just got it from a friend who got it from a friend… So no idea who actually took it. So sad…But yes that is the basic techniques behind the photo. A long exposure time and a lot of sparklers.I'm studying for my finals so I can't look it up right now but there's a Scandinavian photographer who does this in the snow with a flashlight on a much larger scale that looks much cooler. Your photography instructor might know who I'm talking about. Otherwise I'll be able to start searching when my finals are done tonight.Also here is something of mine that might also fit that light and movement theme.…CheersErik

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