Happy Pi Day! π!

Almost missed Pi day! (3/14)

Yet I missed saying anything about my birthday… (2/25)

As I was saying… π!







Blowin Blowin Blowin, Keep That Electricity Flowin

(Originally written on December 15th 2006. Still don’t have Cable  but Verizon EVDO  has been  up)

It’s been a tad breezy in the Puget Sound the last couple days if you hadn’t heard…

Winds at 70+ Mph and over a million people without power last night. Good times all around.

I’ve heard that its down to 400,000 people without power as of writing this. Our power went out at about 10PM last night and we recently got it back about an hour ago, so a little over 24 hours without electricity. Some outlying areas aren’t expected to get power for another 3 or more days. Fun. (Update: some areas aren’t expected to get power till Christmas)

Luckily we weren’t hit by any trees, though one neighbor’s dining room got clobbered and another lost a fence. Additionally, a tree fell across the road farther up the drive so the neighbors were demolishing the fallen pine with a hacksaw and a sledgehammer this morning. Driving around, just about every neighborhood had trees haphazardly strewn about. Bellevue’s “Don’t Cut Down The Trees” policy probably didn’t help matters.

It’s surprising how much havoc happens when the juice stops flowing. For some reason I thought all the gas stations worked off (pneumatic?) pressure to pump the gas. Turns out they use electricity to pump it. No electrons, no liquid dinos.  Finding gas was one of the epic struggles of the people today. Some gas stations that got power back or had a generator, had lines that were 3+ hours long. Some people couldn’t go that far and had to ditch there cars along the sides of the road.

At least I finally got a reason to use my kinetic energy powered flashlight, so everything has a positive. We stopped at a Costco that had power and the flashlights and batteries were flying off the shelves. Besides the lighting, the pizza and other pre-heated Costco goodness were selling like well, hotcakes.

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Chasing That Feeling

We adopted two pooches over the weekend, they’re originally from a shelter over in Montreal, Canada. The pups are a Shih Zu/Maltese mix, 9 months old, and weigh in at 7 & 9 lbs (3.14 & 4 kg). They’re remarkably energetic and have succeeded in freaking out the cat. It’s interesting to watch since they’ll gang up on her, one going around the left side while the other circles around the right. Plus they’re just as fast as the cat, so her only advantage is her ability to go vertical. So now my bedroom is the designated cat zone, with a baby gate to prevent raids, while the office is the DMZ.

Anywho you can find more doggy pictures here.

Luci has her own set as well.


The Greatest Line Ever…

angular_momentum xkcd

I’m pretty sure this is the greatest line ever, it’s just brilliant.

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo!


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo!

This is actually a proper sentence. How you may ask? Why, through the wonderful homophone! A homophone is a word with more than one meaning. In the case of buffalo it means the animal, the city in New York (which is famous for it’s hot wings), and the verb which means to bully. So basically the sentence is saying that the buffalo from Buffalo, which other Buffalonian buffalo buffalo, also buffalo Buffalo buffalo. See easy!

For more info on this and other homophones visit Wikipedia!