Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-08-23

  • I’ve got lightning in my veins and thunder in my chest, all tangled up with you and trying to catch my breathe… #
  • RT @BrentSpiner: People here are constantly asking me to stop with the sarcasm and be myself. Bad news, folks, this is myself. #
  • …don’t call me boring, it’s just cause I like you. #

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-08-09

  • So I'm driving around in circles and I'm thinking about you… #
  • Don't you just hate it when you're five minutes away from your house when you realize you should have hit the bathroom beforehand? #
  • Woo, just got #igniteseattle #
  • #is7 Shaheem!!! #
  • #wemissbre @bre #
  • #is7 made me want to watch ballet! #
  • #is was all sorts of awesome #
  • Maybe I should kiss someone nice… #
  • Do you think about me, like I think about you? #
  • I'm feeling introverted and extroverted at the exact same time. Tis a strange feeling this… #
  • [Qik] #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-02

  • First time farther into Tacoma than the Tacoma dome. Surprisingly it looks alot better than it smells. #
  • RT @evernote: This is your last week to enter the the Evernote Fujitsu ScanSnap giveaway. Tweet with #evernote_scansnap before its too late. #
  • RT @stevenf: So Gmail adds to your Contact List every single person you've ever sent even a single email to. And this is a good idea because #
  • Really felt like a Redbull, which is strange since I haven't had one in 2 so years… So I shotgunned the one in my fridge… Woo Sugar Rush #
  • Well this is disconcerting… Itunes fucked up an mp3 file… So its either iTunes fault or my external hard drive is gonna die soon… #
  • For those wondering it was the #eve6 Rescue (live) that you can get off the new eve6.com site. Already played it multiple times… #
  • Oh wow look at that apparently Red Bull makes me chatty… Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo #
  • I love it when I find weird shit in my music library, that I didn't even know I had… #
  • RT @hotel_max: 2 hrs left! GIVEAWAY Follow @hotel_max & @ACTtheatre & RT to enter to win 2 tix to Das Barbecü & night at Hotel Max on Thurs #
  • RT @stevenf: oh shi- http://bit.ly/tuXFo #

Fap At Rear Entry

Fap At Rear Entry Sign

So many jokes… But lets take this seriously. So far as I can tell this is the only “Fap At Rear Entry” sign in existence. If you’re so inclined you can find this sign near the REI in Issaquah, Wa. Right in between the “Kahhhhn Mongolian Grill” and the “Justify: Just for girls” store. Additionally a quick google search only brings up images that look like they came from this location.

So who or what should, “Fap At Rear Entry”? Well like any good college student my first instinct was to check Wikipedia for FAP. Surprisingly FAP has many meanings including the worst one, Fair Access Policy, also known as Bandwidth capping… But I digress.

Fearing none of these would be useful my eyes set on the last FAP entry, Femto Access Point otherwise known as a Femtocell. I’ll just give you the cliff notes since you have the wiki page right there… Basically, this device hooks into the local interwebs to help boost cellphone coverage in the area. And they said fapping never solved anything.

Oh and I learned a new word from the Wiki page,

Onomatopoeia: one or more words that imitate or suggest the source of the sound they are describing

Fap TroubleAlso, I like this pic for the “FAP Trouble” Box in the lower right corner of the red box…

Neil Gaiman and Caring About Characters

Interesting article by Neil Gaiman about writing about characters. Its one of those things that make perfect sense once you read it.

When I was a young writer I would come up with stories, and then put characters into them. And the character would often feel like, in Thurber’s words, “a mere device”.

I think the breakthrough for me came when I started writing comics — because I believed in them. Because sometimes I would be using characters I hadn’t created, but simply cared about. And over the next few years I learned that if you cared enough about a character, what happened to them was interesting.

I’m not sure that’s much of an aphorism, but it’s important to care about them, about who they are and what they do. And (for me) for them to be people I would want to spend time with — I don’t really care who’s side they are on, and they can be monstrous on the outside or, worse, on the inside, but you have to want to spend time with them. If you met one of these characters socially would you talk to them, or make an excuse and flee?

(As a sidenote, I think the years I spent as a journalist doing interviews for magazines really helped as well. I learned a lot about speech patterns, and ways of describing people, and letting their words describe them. But more importantly, I learned that if you are actually interested, and not faking it, people will tell you anything, and you will take pleasure in their company. So talk to people, especially people you would normally avoid talking to. Find out their stories. Figure out how you would put them into stories, if you would, or just describe them with a few words.)
Neil Gaiman

Austere by The Joy Formidable is most awesome

If you haven’t heard this song yet you need to. I’ll wait a minute while you listen. Ignore the trippy music video.

Pretty awesome, no? It sends shivers down my back at certain points. The song is called Austere and the band is “The Joy Formidable” . Anywho, Austere, and most of their original album, is available for download at the link provided up above. So quit reading and get with the clickin!