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Austere by The Joy Formidable is most awesome

If you haven’t heard this song yet you need to. I’ll wait a minute while you listen. Ignore the trippy music video.

Pretty awesome, no? It sends shivers down my back at certain points. The song is called Austere and the band is “The Joy Formidable” . Anywho, Austere, and most of their original album, is available for download at the link provided up above. So quit reading and get with the clickin!

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A Ridiculous Example of Badassery?

I can’t decide if this motorcycle jacket makes this guy look more badass or just completely ridiculous…

The badass idea holds up for awhile, but then that red triangle logo points the eyes to his bare midriff and I just can’t stop giggling like a schoolgirl to myself. It just gets worse from there…

Anywho if you think you can pull off the bare midriff look on your motorcyle you can pick one up from Dainese, the manufacturer.

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Awesome Art of the Day: Zombie Playground by Jason Chan

Found this awesome zombie themed art while browsing the web. Its drawn by an artist who goes by Jason Chan. He has some pretty cool imagery on his website, though some of it is a tad Not Safe For Work. You have been warned. His gallery doesn’t seem to be updated anymore. Instead he seems to be opting to post his latest art directly to his blog.

Also if his artwork looks familiar to you, its probably because you saw it in the special features section of the I Am Legend DVD. Jason was commissioned to do two of the comics for the movie. They turned out really well plus you can even view them online here. Warning blood and sad music.


Mustache Pint Glass


I’m digging these Mustache Pint Glasses… What can’t you improve with a stache? (Besides a hot Italian girl?)

The Stache itself is etched into the glass, so no worries about it wearing thin. Plus it doesn’t require any waxing…

You can pick up one of these bad boys for 15$ or you can grab a 4 pack for 50$. pint_mustache_model

Via Uncrate

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GeeMC Halo 3 Spartan Generator

I got this spiffy looking representation of  my Halo 3 avatar via the GeeMC Halo 3 Spartan Generator. Ain’t he nifty looking?

Now go make your own!

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