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CharmanderFound this online a couple weeks ago on an image board and dug the art style. Anywho, enjoy the Charmander.


Xbox 360's New Avatars: Because Everbody Else Jumped Off The Bridge Already…

Rockin the Pompadour
Before you stands my new Xbox Live Avatar. Not really sure what his purpose is, but he stands here none the less. I was sorta disappointed in the eye and hair choices so my little man is rockin the pompadour and a pair of shades. Anywho you can grab an image of your own Xbox live avatar by going to either Gamer Tag

or just cut out the middle man and go to Gamer Tag/avatar-body.png

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GeeMC Halo 3 Spartan Generator

I got this spiffy looking representation of  my Halo 3 avatar via the GeeMC Halo 3 Spartan Generator. Ain’t he nifty looking?

Now go make your own!

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Get Mono!


Great little video game. Plays like asteroids and making a tye dye shirt while listening to techno. You need to play it to understand.