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The Solar Powered Day For Night Dress

Solar Powered Dress

It’s the fashionable solar powered Day For Night dress! It’s made out of interconnected white circuit boards and RGB LEDs, plus its powered by the sun! Here is a closeup view of each of the tiles…

Close Up View of tiles

It looks a bit… scratchy. Anywho, the cool thing is you can program it to display different colors and symbols and anything else you can think of.

Source Via We Make Money Not Art

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Vibram Five Fingers: Shoes With Toes!

Vibram Five Fingers

I just heard about the Vibram FiveFingers Shoes. After a little bit of searching on the ol’ Google I came across some more info on them.

The legend of Fivefingers goes that Marco Bramani, grandson of the founder of Vibram—the Italian shoe-sole company responsible for that elongated yellow octagon on the bottom of your hiking boots—asked his grandfather’s successors to design shoes that would allow him to retain the sensation of traipsing barefoot on his sailboat while boosting his traction and protecting his toes from deckside hazards. Eighteen months later, Fivefingers was born.

Via ID Online

The shoes are also gaining popularity among the barefoot running crowd. One reviewer had this to say about the shoes.

Get this, I did (ran) about 15 minutes on pavement and 15 minutes on dirt, gravel and mud trails. During the trail run, I could feel the ground – I could even feel the texture of sand. And nothing hurt.


That just sounds amazingly cool, spiffy if you were so inclined. The shoes are selling for 70$ plus S&H. Although some of the colors appear to be out of stock until September. This shortage includes the black colored size 11s 😦