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9 Weird Words That Amuse Me

The English language is full of weird or interesting words describing minuscule or gigantic occurrences. Some are remarkably specific and some are obtuse. Enough with the intro! Onto the list!

  1. Defenestrate: I love this verb. It means to throw out a window. With only one more syllable you could just say “thrown out a window”.

  2. Agnomen: It’s another name for a nickname. The mind boggles… Personally I just like the way it rolls off my tongue. Plus it sounds like a name for an evil wizard.

  3. Crapulous: Describing one who ingests to much food or alcohol. A specific word that has been simplified to have a more general meaning. Here I thought that crap was just slang for fecal matter.

  4. Doppelganger: This is another one of those words that is just fun to say. Try it. Now try it again. See? A doppelganger refers someone or something that resembles a person in some way. Also if the word is used in literature the doppelganger is always evil.

  5. Ambergris: Such a lovely word. Ambergris is a product used in expensive perfumes. People have described Ambergris’s raw scent as sweet and earthy. It’s so rare that just a gram of it is worth 20$. So now what is this Ambergris you ask? Simply put its whale vomit.

  6. Deus Ex Machina: This one gets special mention because for the longest time I pronounced the “Deus” part like “moose”. Turns out you pronounce it like “day us”. Deus Ex Machina refers to an improbable quick solution to a current arduous plot.

  7. Frabjous: Random fact about me. I can recite “The Jabberwocky” from memory. Ask me some time. I even have voices and hand gestures for it. Anywho, frabjous means joyful, wonderful, great, or any other positive word. Most commonly uttered as “Oh frabjous day!” while chortling with joy. The word and many more were penned by Lewis Carroll of “Alice in Wonderland” fame.

  8. Fop: A fop was the middle ages version of a metrosexual. It describes a vain man who is mainly concerned with his clothing and appearance. The word is even funnier in its adjective form, foppish.

  9. Hemidemisemiquaver: A musical note having the time value of a sixty-fourth of a whole note. There is absolutely nothing funny about this whatsoever.

Now that you’ve finished reading this you might ask yourself, “Why is this list here?” Well its rather simple really. Its for a contest. Plus it was pretty fun to come up with weird words. Heres a link to the contest if you’d like to try your hand at it. Hurry up though since it ends this Thursday.

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If you thought the US DMV was bad…

If you thought the DMV in the US was a horrible tortuous proccess, you should read about the process in China.

My heart sank when the military uniform lady told me the forms must be filled with a felt-tip or fountain pen (I used a ballpoint pen, sinfully). I was grateful when she allowed me to trace all my writings with a pen she provided. I felt like a kindergarten kid (look Mom, I traced.) She examined my documents for about 5 silent minutes and started this lightening fast blurry chopping sequence. I was told to wait for few minutes for my “permission certificate for the test.”

Sounds like fun. I wonder why China hates ballpoints.

Source: Whiteboard Infinity