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1/12th Scale Gundam Model


When you think about it this isn’t any geekier than those life size Super-Man models that are sold at Sharper Image. At least the Gundam has 15 points of articulation. You can purchase a Gundam of your very own for the cheap cheap price of 350,000 yen, which converts to roughly 3050.00 US dollars. This certainly manages to out geek the Stormtrooper armor at any rate.

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Here’s the Wikipedia page explaining way more that you want to know about Gundams.

Hardware Tech


File this under something I don’t need at the moment. But these are so sleek and pretty.

First Up

Amadana PE-117 headphones

They give you wood, Bamboo to be specific. And did I mention the whole Sleek and shinyness? Only thing that sucks is that they don’t sell them outside of Japan and Europe…

Importers to the Rescue! Dynamism sells them for 159.00. Pricy, no?

Next up on our list we have the…

Bang & Olufsen A8 Headphones

As you can see what they lack in wood they make up for in Cold, Hard, Anodised Aluminium.

AKG K 240 Studio

List price is 160 on their site. The Apple store sells them for 159.00 (not that I’m endorsing apple or anything. They’re just the only big online store within the first 10 google hits)
I seem to have a 160 dollar theme going… has them for a benny though so I guess I broke the theme.