Timelapse from the Westin Seattle Presidential Suite

I had an opportunity to spend some time in the presidential suite at the Westin Seattle a couple weeks back. They’ve got a great view of the cityscape and I managed to get some pretty great timelapse videos of the skyline. Check it out!

Timelapse from the Westin Seattle presidential suite

If you liked that one you can find more of my timelapse videos and other exciting content on my Youtube channel.

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Saturday stroll through the Seattle Japanese Garden

Saturday stroll through the Seattle Japanese Garden Radio Free Erik

Ended up heading down to the Seattle Japanese Garden to catch some clouds and see some trees! Like most places its cards only, and they’re not selling fish food for the fishes right now, but the koi will still come right up to wherever you’re standing to try to get a handout. Only felt a little bad not tipping the fishes for their performance.

The lilypads are right on the verge of blooming, saw one bright pink flower opened up, with the rest a day or three away. Most of the trees are still pretty green though some of the Japanese maples are starting to darken and get ready to shed their leaves for the fall. Cripes its going to be October soon, time flies eh?

After the stroll through the garden we ended up at this cute burger place called Burbs Burgers over on Montlake. Its a food truck with a large astroturfed seating area with some covered benches and umbrellaed tables. Those umbrellas came in handy since we got there just as the rains began. Super tasty smash burgers and the frys were fried to perfection! They’ve got a housemade meatless patty if veganism is your jam. Its a super swell place and I can’t wait to go back and try out the rest of their menu!

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Seattle Pride Parade 2011

Finally doing some fun photography again! Check out some of my favorite shots from the Seattle Pride Parade. More for you to peruse after the jump!

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Welcome to 2010!

Happy New Year!

Gonna start off the new year with a call back to an old photograph (Due to the awesome weather surrounding the Space Needle this year)

Cheers and may this decade turn out better than the last!


Happy Day After The 4th Of July!

Happy Day After The 4th Of July!