3 Days

I joined Vimeo 3 days ago. Just got a google alert telling me a new result for Erik Persson showed up. (I swear I’m not vain) My vimeo profile is currently on the second page of results. I haven’t linked to it or anything so thats just standing on its own.

Anywho you can find my vimeo profile here: Erik Persson Vimeo

and heres a video of me sleeping. (Not vain, its just the only video content that I’ve created recently)

Sorry about that whole "This site may harm your computer", I swear its not infectious

So my wordpress site got hacked.

Some arsehole used the bug in 2.3.2 that allowed them to edit my posts and threw in some spyware links hidden in an iframe. Anywho I fixed that.

But now Googles pissed at me until they decide my site doesn’t have the clap anymore. But until they say I’m clean I get this awesome SEO sucking stamp on any results that my site comes up for


The Yahoo Search Engine Is Weird

I am now the top ranked search for Erik Persson on the Yahoo search directory. The only problem is that the top link goes to the Genealogy page family.erikpersson.com. For some reason, which is completely logical to the Yahoo bots, erikpersson.com is still ranked 15th. To add to the amusement, my Flickr account is ranked 13th.

All this data leads me to believe that Search Engine Optimization is just voodoo and random guessing.

Either way this means I’ve managed to place my name at the top of a popular search engine! This calls for revelry and non-alcoholic beverages!