Happy Pi Day! π!

Almost missed Pi day! (3/14)

Yet I missed saying anything about my birthday… (2/25)

As I was saying… π!







Luminescent Shirts: Go Forth And Glow

Luminescent Shirt

In case you didn’t notice the shirt is glowing. Rather spiffy, no?

They’re made by the aptly named Lumigram and they sell pillows, purses, and hair extensions as well as the aforementioned shirts. The hair extensions average approximately 180 € which roughly translates to 237.58$. So the shirts probably aren’t cheap. Yet they’re so shiny…

The Lumigram catalog says the shirts should average 10 hours on a full charge so at least your luminescence would persevere throughout the cold dark night.
Via CrunchGear


Chasing That Feeling

We adopted two pooches over the weekend, they’re originally from a shelter over in Montreal, Canada. The pups are a Shih Zu/Maltese mix, 9 months old, and weigh in at 7 & 9 lbs (3.14 & 4 kg). They’re remarkably energetic and have succeeded in freaking out the cat. It’s interesting to watch since they’ll gang up on her, one going around the left side while the other circles around the right. Plus they’re just as fast as the cat, so her only advantage is her ability to go vertical. So now my bedroom is the designated cat zone, with a baby gate to prevent raids, while the office is the DMZ.

Anywho you can find more doggy pictures here.

Luci has her own set as well.

Sausage Fest At The Lady Of Immaculate Conception


There was a Carnival/Sausage Festival/Oktoberfest/Fundraiser over at the Lady Of Immaculate Conception church over in Everett. The sausage wasn’t very good, but the carnival lights were bright when they were lit. Overall it was pretty fun.

You can find the photos on both my Zooomr or Flickr account.

The Solar Powered Day For Night Dress

Solar Powered Dress

It’s the fashionable solar powered Day For Night dress! It’s made out of interconnected white circuit boards and RGB LEDs, plus its powered by the sun! Here is a closeup view of each of the tiles…

Close Up View of tiles

It looks a bit… scratchy. Anywho, the cool thing is you can program it to display different colors and symbols and anything else you can think of.

Source Via We Make Money Not Art

Oh No No No I’m A Roller Man

Human Skateboard

Now this would be entertaining…

I wonder what the lights above his elbows are for though. Plus if you get bored rolling on your stomach you can roll over on your back!

Theoretically you can find out more on his site, Buggy Rollin, but the site design is an excellent example of why you don’t create your entire website in Flash.

Via Gizoo Via Gizmodo