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Mac Tip: Change The Login Screen In Mac OSX

Am I the only one that’s getting tired of Leopards fireworks loginscreen? It turns out you can replace that image with anything of your choice. Heres how.

Go to

Hard Drive > System > Library > CoreServices > DefaultDesktop.jpg

replace that jpg with your new backdrop

Type in your admin password when prompted and you’re done!

Just remember to backup the original DefaultDesktop.jpg incase you decide to switch back to the default at a later date.

Via Lifehacker Comment

6 replies on “Mac Tip: Change The Login Screen In Mac OSX”

Yes it will

Apple has named all of their 10.x releases after a big cat
10.5 = Leopard
10.4 = Tiger
10.3 = Panther
10.2 = Jaguar
10.1 = Puma
10.0 = Cheetah

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