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Fap At Rear Entry

Fap At Rear Entry Sign

So many jokes… But lets take this seriously. So far as I can tell this is the only “Fap At Rear Entry” sign in existence. If you’re so inclined you can find this sign near the REI in Issaquah, Wa. Right in between the “Kahhhhn Mongolian Grill” and the “Justify: Just for girls” store. Additionally a quick google search only brings up images that look like they came from this location.

So who or what should, “Fap At Rear Entry”? Well like any good college student my first instinct was to check Wikipedia for FAP. Surprisingly FAP has many meanings including the worst one, Fair Access Policy, also known as Bandwidth capping… But I digress.

Fearing none of these would be useful my eyes set on the last FAP entry, Femto Access Point otherwise known as a Femtocell. I’ll just give you the cliff notes since you have the wiki page right there… Basically, this device hooks into the local interwebs to help boost cellphone coverage in the area. And they said fapping never solved anything.

Oh and I learned a new word from the Wiki page,

Onomatopoeia: one or more words that imitate or suggest the source of the sound they are describing

Fap Trouble

Also, I like this pic for the “FAP Trouble” Box in the lower right corner of the red box…

3 replies on “Fap At Rear Entry”

I happened across this today!!! Stood there with my cell phone snapping pic after pic – this instantly became my new screen saver. Anyway I just had to look it up…who knew it was the only one in known existence? I thought maybe it meant “Fire Alarm Present” or something. Just incredibly hilarious.

Definitely stands for Fire Alarm Panel. The reason this seems to be the only one in existence is the fact that it is usually referred to as FACP, or Fire Alarm Control Panel. The purpose of the sign is to let arriving fire fighters know where the fire panel is so they can see what caused the alarm to activate; however, it’s usually just the letters “FACP” on the door to the room containing the fire panel. Funny as hell nonetheless… On that same note, not quite as funny but worth noting here, the red box you see in the picture is commonly referred to as “FARP,” or Fire Alarm Remote Panel.

Correct Dan, a FAP (in this instance) is a Fire Access Panel – it shows which alarm in the building has gone off and where the fire department should go. In Australia, we label our signs more carefully but we still call them Fire Access Panels 🙂 We also generally place our panels at near the front of the building for quicker access and response.

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