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I found this U.S. AQUA water can in an antique shop in Poulsbo, Washington. On the side it talks about how it’s “IMPERVIOUS TO NUCLEAR FALLOUT” and cheap insurance. This convinced me that I had to buy it.

Then it sat on my desk for a month and a half. Besides providing life sustaining water in case of political destabilization due to the Nuclear Armageddon that we all know is coming in the near future, it also makes an awesome paper weight.

I haven’t been able to find anything about U.S. Aqua or it’s fallout impervious canned water on the internets, (other than some long dead eBay links that won’t even show the seller or the specific auction even) so this is my original content contribution. Heres the complete text from the side of the can. Below that you’ll find a gallery with a bunch more images of said water can.




This can contains water pumper from our own well and immediately processed under scientific methods resulting in a highly pure drinking water. Under ordinary storage conditions, this water will keep for years.
IMPERVIOUS TO NUCLEAR FALLOUT. But, in case of fallout, wipe can and can opener before opening can.
This water is processed under provisions in permit issued to Teasdale Packing Company by California State Board of Health and meets the requirements as set forth in the U.S. Public Service Drinking Water Standards.
Recommended for convenience in emergency uses. It is cheap insurance to have a supply on hand.




to add a few lines, on the top of the can overprinting the mfg. codes is the following statement. “SLAP TEST hold one end of can in left hand and loosely slap top of can with right hand. when you get a slap knock you can be sure the water is pure and palatable.”

I’m in California and I have a cousin that has two of tha aqua water can that are in it natural state they have never been opend.

I have some cans and I just listed one can on Ebay. Great to have in case of an earthquake.

Seriously? I guess if you’re willing to take the chance of dying from lead poisoning, it’s okay! LOL

i have a 12pack of canned water from the same brand. i did a little research on the brand. as far as i have been able to find out, the us govt shut them down because their logo and name suggested that it was approved by the govt. which it wasnt. also, if there was a nuclear war, this may not be the best thing to drink. the cans are soldered with lead. so chances are if you do not die from the radiation poisoning. you will get lead poisoning. i had a teacher that wanted to see it one day. so i brought it into school and i was stopped. apparently the amount of lead in it is enough that it is considered hazardous material

I found 8 cases of these in a barn in San Jose, Ca along with other supplies for the post-nuclear war that never came. I’ve been handing them out as little pieces of “Americana” as well as a glimpse into the past. I figured these were canned in the late 50’s.

I have a can of this water as well, I live in Rossville Ga. I know nothing about it other than i probably was from the 50’s

My great uncle Lyndall Perrigo was the sole owner of this invention of canned water. His brother, Leon Perrigo, (my grandfather) originally came up with this,but his brother had more money and patented it before my grandfather could. My grandfather was so furious he never spoke to his brother again.
I want to send you the copy of the newspaper ad, but need an email adress. My Great Uncle is in this ad promoting his water. The date is 1958.

Hi Linda, is there any way I can get a copy of that ad as well? I’m an avid “antique-er” and found my can in portland at a huge antique show. Since I’d never seen anything like it, I purchased it for $3. I am intrigued however because when I shake the can it doesn’t act like water in a can would act. It feels almost gelatin-like. Anyway, I’d love to own a copy of the ad as well. Can I buy a copy from you??

I was cleaning out an old family garage and found 2 unopened cases (about 30 cans) packed in news paper form the early 60’s. None of them have been opened and they all look brand new. Don’t know what to do with them. Looks like I have allot of hazardous paper weights:)

I too have 3 cans of this delightfull fresh water ….. lol and I live in Hawaii I dont think I will be drinking any of these soon …..Aloha from Waimanalo on Oahu

Om’gosh i have the exact same,identical drinking U.S. AQUA pure drinking water contents 12fluid oz.

I have 2 cases that I found in my grandparents garage in burbank California. I believe they purchased them in the early 1950’s.

Lead isn’t that hazardous,not in metallic form just sitting on a can I don’t think an adult will die from having it sit as a paperweight or as I do, with my antique bottle collection. I worked with lead for quite a few years doing custom bodywork on custom cars and I am ****flinch ,twitch, cringe***** f..f..f..fine j..j..j..just fine lol Actually I had all the proper safety respirators, gloves etc.

I just found a case cleaning out my parents house. If anyone is interested I willing to sell.

i just found in my grandfathers garage a couple of weeks ago im trying to investigate them and look further into this U.S Aqua it`s pretty awesome because of the condition and the history behind it.

We just found a six pack, still in the carton which reads: instant drinks for babies, fishing and hunting, camping. boating, traveling, civil defense.” Dated 1960 Teasdale Packing Co., Inc, San Jose, Ca. Price on the six pack: 75 cents.

This was my father’s product. He was a food engineer and came up with this idea. The water as vacuumed sealed. And supposed to good forever? If you hit the bottom on the can with your palm you should be able to hear the thump. We love doing that as kids. He mainly promoted it as use for disasters and back in the 60’s with nuclear threats. This brings back a lot of memories!

have can with code on top (LA2PM) W 914 any idea when canned? I am 64 yrs old and in 1rst grade we walked to orange company packing rooms for nuclear warnings..

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