Bathymetry Haiku

I had to write an oceanography themed poem on my timed Oceanography test. My knowledge of poetry is limited to limited to haiku, limericks, and iambic pentameter. So you work with what you know. Without further ado, I give you this hastily written literary splendor

Bathymetry Haiku

Bathymetry is
the measuring of the sea
How low can it go?

First they used a rope
to measure the oceans depth
that takes way to long

Then Echo Sounders
Ping Ping Now you know the depth
This is much faster

Even using a
multi-beam system to map
One centuries time

The eye in the sky
could be used to map the sea
how, is the question?

Distortion of Sea
lets Satellites measure the
depths of the ocean

Erik Persson

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